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Fend Review

Fend Review: Breath Better

As someone who suffers from allergies every morning, finding ways to help improve to breathing better is always a plus. Fend is a new way to help people with the air that we all breathe by cleansing and hydrating. Often, the air we breathe in can be a huge factor in allergies and sinus issues. Breathing better and cleaner with fend review help you see how fascinating this device is to use on a daily basis.

Upon receiving the kit, it came with a full-size Fend mist device, a Fend lanyard, and stickers as well in a box.

Facts About Fend

  • It comes in a small size container that has droplets that has hydrating salt. The product goes from your nose and sinuses to the end of your windpipe to help create hydration.
  • Upper respiratory system is strengthened and is naturally able to clean and filter the air you breathe, by keeping dirty air from traveling dep into your lungs.
  • The solution is drug-free, safe and natural, and immediately cleanses and hydrates your upper airways.
  • The benefits of these can last up to six hours.
  • Clinically and scientifically proven and recommended by doctors as well.
  • Fend can be purchased on hellofend.com for $33.98, including the lanyard.
  • Save 15% on all orders of FEND on hellofend.com with promo code MOM15.

How To Use Fend Device

This is right before I squeezed the device to get the mist to come out.
  • With a new device, they tell you to consider it like a soap/lotion dispenser and needs several pumps to activate the device. To do so, hold the device with a thumb on the bottom and 2-3 fingers on the top and push in a pumping motion. (They recommend that you hold the most comfortable way for you to hold and pump as well.
  • If you have bigger hands, 2 fingers on the top should be enough. For small hands, maybe 3 might be more helpful.
  • Hold the device close to your face. Squeeze the device while taking a deep breathe through your nose.
  • Once the midst stops from the one pump (after a few seconds), then you can exhale. (Keep in mind that if you press too fast or too slow, the full mist not come out, so you have to make that one full pump)
  • When the mist is done from the pump, you might hear a sound to notify you as well.
  • Recommended to take two deep breaths of Fend 3 times a day. Morning, afternoon, and evening.
Can you see a little of the mist coming out?
I took this picture to showcase the mist coming out. This wasn’t the way I used it for my nose though. I wanted a visual look at the mist coming out.

My Personal Thoughts And Use

Upon looking at the device, I had several thoughts. First I thought wow, what a small device, but then found it to be convenient for anyone to wear it around their neck during the day.

I did have several issues when pumping for the first time. I followed directions when it said to activate the pump by pushing it a several times before use, but it took a bit of pumps before the mist actually worked. It started leaking more liquid after a several times, but once the pump was activated, it worked fine.

Secondly, I experienced, what they called a “drool” where some of the liquid builds up near the nozzle. I was informed that if and when this happens, to shake the drool part so that mist can be released.

Third, depending on how I pumped the amount of midst being released varied. Once it was a lot, and another time it was a bit less. Above mentions that you do need to be careful about how you squeeze to get the maximum mist out of it.

If you are struggling with allergies or live in a dry area and looking for a way to help breath in cleaner air, Fend is something that might come in handy. It’s small and can be carried around everywhere. Since they sent a lanyard with it, you can wear it around to be used at your most convenient times.

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