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With so much chaos in the world, there are things that are needed everywhere for everyone. One of those things is music. Music has so much components to it that not everyone is aware of it. How to incorporate music everywhere is an important factor that is not discussed much.

Music Heals

Yes AMEN to music. How do you find healing through music? Many will agree that you can find so much healing when it comes to music. Of course the type of music may varies with each person but the affect it has can be very similar. Music plays such an important role in all types of people. Through music, people find comfort, respect, soul search, learn, teach, and evaluate. It affects people in various ways. People often use it as an outlet during down times and it can often life their spirits up.

Kids Need It

Music is a learning step stone for kids. Kids learn so many things through music. My little one for instance has learned all his letters, numbers, shapes, colors, nursery rhymes, and many more things through music. It’s become a routine for him to sing and dance to music on a daily basis. On the other hand, my daughter uses music to memorize, read, dance, and express herself.

She will dance to any music that comes on, to express the song to her best ability. She enjoys singing and dancing to her favorite music. They also form a band with one playing the guitar and the other one playing the drum and sing to a song that they both know. It gets really loud, so we often ask for the band to play in the play room only. Through music, kids can not only learn but express their inner selves as well.

Alexa (Amazon Music)

Alexa has become our go to music device at home. We have a few of them in the house and we use it daily for multipurpose reasons. During the day, it is used for learning and listening for my kids. They both have their favorite music and each take turns listening to them. It is also used as learning routine for my son where we play music for him to sing along or learn.

At night time, we use it as a lullaby time. It helps my children relax through music before they are able to fall asleep. Often when my daughter wakes up at night, she will turn on the lullabies to help her get back to sleep as well. If you are interested in Alexa, here’s a link to purchase yours.


Music is considered an essential tool when it comes to exercising or dancing. With a tune in the background, it entices the movements and helps the body navigate in various ways. I understand that some exercises require quiet and silence to help the relaxation techniques but for the most part, other exercises are better with music. Most dancing is assisted by music. There are so many types of music that can incorporate in any dance moves. It helps people get into the dance mood depending on the type of music displayed.

As you can see, music is utilized in different ways. Knowing how to incorporate music everywhere can be so beneficial in your daily lives. Use it to your advantage so that you find comfort through it.

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  1. We always have Alexa on in the background with music.

    1. Alexa and music is such a big hit in our house

  2. Alexa is definitely a worthy purchase in our household. She plays songs for us all the time! We love her… and music!

  3. I heard of Alexa thanks for sharing

  4. Love having Alexa for music

  5. My kids love turning on their favorite songs with Alexa!

  6. We love having music constantly on in our home!

    1. Yes us too! It brings out the mood of the house.

  7. music is a constant in our home.. with both my teens learning instruments for a few years now and their practicing.. and then there is streaming music when they are not..and we love alexa too

  8. Just like you, Alexa has been our go-to music device too. We hooked it up with Spotify and my mom (who’s a senior citizen) just loves it. It made it really easy to look for old songs that she loves.

    1. Oh that’s awesome to hear!

  9. My 5 year old autistic daughter LOVES music. We’ve started music therapy the last couple weeks and she is hooked!

    1. Music is such a an awesome tool for everyone to use!

  10. We love having music playing all the time. And my husband plays the guitar for us every night after dinner 🥰

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