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teach to be kind

When it comes to kindness, it should start at a very young age. Helping a child build a kind heart and to be kind can become a huge factor in their future. With so much going on in the world right now, it’s only appropriate that we start with something small yet meaningful. I’ve compiled 5 better ways for kids to be kind so see if these are some that you can relate with.

Having Good Manners

Having good manners is always a plus when it comes to being kind. Saying your please and thank you plays a big role and shows a good character. Some common manners are shared on Teaching Forgotten Manners Showing good manners are often appreciated and sometimes reciprocated back. Even if it’s not reciprocated, its one way to be kind to another person. A simple smile to show that you have acknowledged their presence can even go a long way too.

Learn To Compliment

Giving and receiving compliments doesn’t happen as often as we think it does. It’s such a simple gesture to compliment someone even for the smallest things, but it’s not seen as much. A simple “You hair looks great today,” or “I love your outfit,” can go such a long way. Kids need to learn to share positive feelings/comments with one another more. We often forget how much of a difference simple words can make. Who doesn’t love a good compliment to start off the day or end the day?

Read Books About Kindness

Exposing children to books with words and pictures related to kindness can play a huge factor. When you see a visible picture and a description of how kindness can affect others, kids will begin to see the bigger picture. Here you can find so many books about teaching kindness and how strong it can build them. Children often love stories that can relate to their lives or something that they can reenact, so this would be perfect way to do so.

Model Random Act Of Kindness

Random act of kindness can be easily modeled with a simple gesture. Helping an elder at a market push their cart or lifting a heavy item for them is one way. One popular random act of kindness that’s been going around is at the drive-thru lines. People paying for the car behind them and the others paying forward has been a common act to be kind recently. Not enough kind gestures are expressed these days.

teach to be kind

Encourage And Praise Kind Habits

It’s so important that a kind habit is praised and encouraged. Whenever your child shows a kind gesture, praise them right there and then. Give them a high-five or words of encouragement to acknowledge that positive behavior. When you are praised for a behavior, it’s common that the same behavior can be repeated in the same or similar way. When my children help each other or use kind words to one another, we tried to acknowledge it right away and give them praise for it. That recognition brings such a huge smile to my kids, especially my younger one. Just as we encourage kind behaviors, we love hearing and being praised back as well too.

When you teach your kids to be kind, it not only benefits your child but also the children that surrounds your child too. So often we see kids getting bullied or outcast without much reason. The feeling of loneliness and hurt can go a long way. It builds inside and often leads to them turning to the negative path. Why not start in our own homes to share that kind traits with others, to help them know that even one person cares. It always starts with one person and that one person can a huge difference in someone else’s life. Let’s be the role models that we all need. Spread the kindness that we all seek.

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