questions to ask yourself
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Getting a good night sleep the night before is one thing, but starting the morning off right is another. What would be the 5 best questions to ask yourself when you wake up in the morning? Each morning you wake up, is a fresh new day. Depending on how you start your day, it makes a huge impact on the rest of the day. The mood you create can set everything in that same direction. What answers would help you get those questions to gear your day the way you want it to?

Questions to ask yourself

How Did I Sleep Last Night?

One of the important questions to ask yourself is about how rested are you from the night before. How did you sleep? Did you get enough sleep? Are you going to be needing a nap or a resting period throughout the day based on your sleep? Understanding how you slept the night before can help you plan out your day as well. Why this questions falls into the 5 best questions to ask yourself when you wake up is to know how rested you are. How much natural energy will you have to use up during the day?

How Do I Feel Today?

Setting your mood from the get go also will help you figure how productive your day will be. If you wake up in a great mood with a refreshed feeling, then your day may go more positive and smooth. If your mood is not that great, then your day might feel a bit longer than usual and may need some refreshers throughout. This is probably one of the best questions to ask yourself in morning. Once you figure out what your mood is, you can shift the goals for the day in your favor as well.

What Are Some Positive Things To Do Today?

Your day might be planned ahead from previous days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t redirect it to be more on the positive side. Think of the things that you need to get done and look for a positive outcome. Even if the task might seem challenging, think of ways to turn it to a more interesting way. Depending on how you approach the things to do, can interchange your view on the methods of accomplishments. You don’t have to do everything in a positive way and it might not even turn out that way. And that is perfectly okay. As long as you are able to do something positive, your feelings will be different.

How Can I Help Someone Else?

Helping someone always gives a good feeling in your heart, whether it’s by coincidence or by desire. When you think of at least one thing to do for someone else that day, you’ve already made the day lean towards a positive one. For example, I always try to think of what my husband can take for lunch/dinner. Or what my parents might need help with. Putting someone else ahead of your own is something that comes with most motherhood journey.

What Am I Doing For Myself Today?

When you add a little “self-care” time during the day, it helps with the switch in the mood. When you do something for yourself, it gives you little boost of confidence, as well as a positive outlook. Best questions to ask yourself can help you determine something intriguing to do for you alone. Putting yourself first sometimes is healthy and necessary, especially as a mom. Mom’s don’t get much time to themselves and we often have to squeeze that time in. So when you include this as one of the best questions to ask yourself, it will encourage you plan something ahead for yourself.

What are your 5 best questions to ask in yourself when you wake up? Did they measure the same as the ones I mentioned or were they completely different? Do they benefit how your day will be affected? How will you start your day with these questions in mind? Giving yourself a quick moment to reflect before the day starts can be so beneficial to you mentally, emotionally, and physically too.

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