Leaving home without
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never leave home without

It’s inevitable. No matter how much we feel prepared, there will be times where things will be left behind. Things are forgotten while grabbing a cup of coffee or getting your children ready. I’ve compiled a list of 10 things you should never leave home without.

1. Cell Phone

I’m not even sure how our elders ever grew up without cellphones, because it is a pure necessity in this life time. I could never leave my house without it. If I ever do, I would most likely go back to get it if I’m near by. That’s how obsessed cell phones are.

2. Wallet/Purse

You will always need your purse or wallet wherever you go. It’s where all your prized possessions are held together so if becomes a huge necessity. Purses are a need for moms/women because of all the extra items that we have to carry for ourselves, as well as our kids. You can also check out my blog on My Purse Before and After Motherhood.

3. Drivers License or Some Sort Of Identification

Although you may not think you need it, you do. Obvious for driving purposes, but also for making purchases too. Some people ask for ID to compare your credit cards.

4. Keys

Keys to your car or keys to your home are something that you never want to leave home without. It’s the source of to and from any locations. I often leave my house keys at home since we mainly use the garage for entrance. But for emergency reasons, I need to get back in the habit of carrying the.

5. Hand Sanitizer/Wipes

With Covid, delta, and the new variant alert, this is definitely one of the top 10 things you should never leave home without. It’s so crucial that you keep your hands and your items disinfected as much as possible.

6. Money

Where can you go or do without money? Nothing. Money is required in most aspects of life. For food, gas, shelter, groceries, and many more.

7. Water Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated wherever you go is a wellness need. It’s also part of self-care that keeps you on check. For someone who used to hate water and not drink much, I’m a big stickers for keeping water in the car or wherever I go.

8. Watch

I’ve always been a huge fan of having my watch on all the time. I know that cell phones have times on their but I like to have easy access to it. So having my iwatch is such a huge plus for me.

9. Snack

After having kids, I found the NEED to have snacks ready at all times. Sometimes I keep them in my car as a well as in my purse/bag. You never know when someone will need that extra boost of energy.

10. Yourself (A little added humor)

How can you leave your house WITHOUT YOU??? I thought I’d end it with a little humor. But everyone’s list may vary depending on the important needs of each person. These are just 10 things you should never leave home without. What do you feel is a necessity?

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