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Have you been eating non-stop, whether it’s your spouse’s, kid’s, or your own desires? If you looked right now, what are the 10 must have food my kids love? What is missing that needs to be filled in. With two kids in the house, there are so many must haves in our refrigerator but here are the top 5. Are they the same as yours?


Milk is probably the number 1 out of the top 10 must haves in your refrigerator for us. The two kids drink milk throughout the day, especially the younger one and would be devastated if we ran out of milk. The older one is so tall for her age, but she enjoys drinking at least a cup or two of milk a day as well.


My first born is a ranch fanatic. She puts ranch on pretty much anything and everything. Sometimes I feel like she puts it on food that she doesn’t like, so that she can have ranch overtake the flavor. Mayonnaise is my husbands must have for ramen and broccoli.


My kids love fruit, especially my little one, even to a point where he may choose a fruit over a snack. We have to have some type of fruit in our refrigerator sure. The typical year round ones are apples, oranges, and grapes that he loves. We might have mangoes and strawberries and some others as well, depending on what the kids like during the particular week/month.


I’m an Asian and what can you say. I have to have my kimchi in my refrigerator all year round. It’s a side dish that not only can I eat with rice and noodle, but I often eat it with other dishes as well. My mom makes the best kimchi in the world and she will constantly help me refill my fridge with it.


My kids have a love/hate relationship with vegetables. Depending on which one it is, they will either love it or hate. Broccoli and corn is normally a go to for the family. The little one hates mostly anything green, even if you chopped it in tiny littles pieces. He will discover them some how, so usually we try to put them in a juice/smoothie.


My husband is a crazy meat eater. He has to have some type of meat related dish, at least one meal out of the day. My daughter on the other hand does not care too much for meat so it becomes a big challenge at times. Chicken and sausages are usually a common meat they will both eat. We will have frozen chicken/meat for a possible kbbq dish or Shabu shabu during this cold winter weather.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a special treat in the house. Most of the time, it’s used as a bonus if everyone finishes all their meals or had a great day listening and behaving. With the winter weather, we haven’t been eating a lot of it anyways, but still it’s something we have so that the kids have something to look forward to. Ice cream rewards are the best. Sometimes, I even have a secret stash of MY personal favorite ones hidden, which my daughter always seems to find.


Eggs are a must have in our fridge as well. We use it in so many different ways. Our breakfast will sometimes consist of Scrambled/Fried egg with bacon/sausage. My daughter loves a boiled egg (as she calls it the “big egg,”) so my husband will Insta pot the eggs for her. We will so make soup with it for the kids with some tofu added. Or we will also make steamed eggs to accommodate it with our rice and side dishes as well.

Dino Nuggets

The kids love the Dino nuggets and with the air fryer, it makes it so much easier and the kids love it. If they had it their way, we would be getting McDonald’s chicken nuggets almost everyday, so in order to come to a compromise, this was the next best thing. We’ve tried getting them some chicken tender/other nuggets, but they always came back to wanting this.


Tofu is always a must for us as well because we use it to make soup. Besides my husband who is a meat lover, the rest of us love to indulge on some soup and rice at least once or twice a week. My kids must have tofu in most of the soup they have. Sometimes I will either stir fry or just simple fry with some

How does your refrigerator look like? Do you have any similarity as ours or is it completely different. What are your 10 must have food my kids love? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to hear yours.

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  1. My daughter loves dinosaur nuggets too! I think eggs, meat, milk, cheese, and coffee creamer are our must haves.

    1. I dont know what it is about Dino nuggets but it’s such a huge hit.

    2. We always have to have eggs, milk, cheese, and fruit in our fridge!

      1. Same here!

  2. The ice cream is DEFINITELY a must have around here lol! Especially while I’m pregnant

    1. OH Yes! It’s must. I ate so much of it when i was pregnant too lol

  3. DINO NUGGETS are everything over here! That and hot dogs!! I know if they are being picky eaters, I can always get them to eat with these!

    1. It’s like a goto item for us too. I

  4. Dino nuggets are the best! My daughter loves them. A must in our house is milk and eggs.

    1. Something crazy has to be in those Dino nuggets lol

    2. Yes, glad those are on your list too =)

  5. Great list! Dino nuggets are always a big hit in our house too.

  6. I love that Ranch made your list. My son can’t live without it!

    1. Omg my daughter has to drizzle zillion coats of it on EVERYTHING. Lol

  7. Ice cream is a must have here as well as fruit, eggs, milk and DINO NUGGETS. My daughter loves her Dino nuggets, lol.

  8. Milk is an absolute must have in our fridge for both my son and myself! If there is no milk in the house then we have a problem.

  9. We usually keep many of these around. Especially those dinosaur nuggets! Can’t be without those!

  10. Love all of these! Definitely must haves for us!

  11. Agree! I get all the ten must-have items in my fridge.

    1. Glad someone thinks like me =)

  12. Ranch and Sriracha sauce are an ABSOLUTE must in my fridge! lol

    1. Oh yes, the hot sauce has to be there too!

  13. This is a great list. I love having a full fridge.

    1. So true. Something about having a full fridge makes my heart at ease

  14. We always have milk, eggs, and mayo too!

  15. Ranch is a must have in our fridge too

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