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When it comes to homework time, there are essential items that are needed. To help prevent your child from having to get to up 1 millions times to get what they need, have the essential items prepared on the table. What are the 10 important things to keep on a homework table?

Pencil Organizer

It’s very wise to keep some type of a pencil organizer. In that organizer, all the pencils, pens, erasers, and all other necessary writing utensils should be there. When the writing utensils are all in one place, it’s easier to just grab and start.

Phone/Device Charger

Many times, a device of some sort is necessary to have on a homework table. Sometimes kids are given homework to read on an app or to do an activity online. Having a charger next to the table is important to lessen the distractions or searching to find that charger for their device. A battery power bank seems to work the best since it doesn’t require a long wire connecting to the homework table.


One of the main reasons for kids getting out of the homework table is for water/snack. Snack should usually be given before or after so that they don’t constantly get up. But when it comes to water, it’s a difference story. Keeping hydrating also helps them stay more alert and focus better. Make sure not to give too much just in case they need to constantly take bathroom breaks.

Sticky Notes/Post Its

Sticky notes come in handy when they’re doing homework, especially for math. I usually give her extra paper for math but sticky notes can be for words/phrases that need work on. It can also be for spelling words or word wall words as well.


It seems as though dates are required on a lot of the kids homework papers nowadays. A calendar will help prevent your child from asking what the date is one too many times. So keeping a calendar handy next to the homework area will be very helpful for the child and for the parent.


Although my daughter has been into the mechanic pencils lately, the good old tradition pencils are always a need. Having a sharpener next to the pencil organizer will come i handy when in need. Make sure all the pencils are sharpened before but its a great idea to have in case a pencil breaks or two.

Notebook/Scratch Paper

When it comes to math or spelling, having the extra paper or notebook to use comes in handy. Sometimes drawing it out or writing the equations can help process the problems faster.

Coloring Materials

Markers, crayons, color pencils, and high-liters are some of the coloring utensils that are necessary. The primary grades tend to have homework that requires coloring or filling in with colors/shades. As you get older, the coloring needs seem to fade away.


Depending on what type of homework, these supplies do come in handy. Safety precautions should be in mind for younger children, for usage of stapler and scissors.

Simple Snack

Sometimes a small snack can be kept next to them to give some energy boosters when needed. A simple bar or fruits are the easiest to enjoy during homework. (This is optional depending on if they had snack before/after homework time) I usually have mine eat a snack beforehand but sometimes she wants to have a small snack while doing homework as well.

The list can change for every individual, depending on what you find to be essential. But when it comes to the necessary means during homework time, these 10 important things to keep on a homework table will come in handy.

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  3. Patricia Chamberlain

    I love all these suggestions! I will keep this in mind next year when my daughter starts getting homework.

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