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Do you have an emergency kit at home? How often do you update it? There are so many things to be prepared for depending on your locations. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, Covid-19, snowstorms, and more. It is crucial that we have some sort of a preparation plan in mind. I’ve compiled a list of 10 important items for a home emergency kit.


Water is one of the crucial items needed for any type of emergency. Whether you stock them up in gallons or small bottles, that is up to you. Just make it available for yourself to be able to carry it if necessary. Having a 3 day supply for every member of your family is probably the most beneficial.

Canned Goods

The life supply of canned goods are usually a little longer than other food so it’s wise to stock up on those. Canned goods can vary from fruits, vegetables, soup, beans, small caned meals, and more of your choices. Just like the water supply, having 3 days worth for each member of the family is most practical.

First-Aid Kit

Our household needs a first-aid kit whether there is an emergency or not. With two kids in the house, band-aids seem to never last long and Neosporin is our best friend too. Having a first-aid kit or even putting together your own will be helpful even on a daily basis, especially with kids around.

Dried Goodies

Certain dry foods have a longer life span as well and are quick and easy to access in an emergency. Bars, cereals, ramen noodles, and more. Keeping the same amount as the canned goods and water supply for 3 days worth is the best.


Although most people have their cellphones to use flashlights, having some traditional flashlights around the house is very important. For us we have these ones in various areas of the houses so that if there was ever an emergency, we would be able to have access to them.

Can Opener

Can openers will come in handy for all the canned goods that have been added to the kit. A manual can opener work the best so you that you don’t have to worry about charging or plugging it in anywhere. Sometimes the old school way works the best and fast.

Power Packs For Phone/Devices

During an emergency, phones and devices will be so crucial for maintaining some type of contact. Your devices will become very essential and may run out of battery, so having a backup power pack for your phone/iPads will be helpful.


Having your prescription medicines or vitamins in the kit will be helpful for those that take daily medications/vitamins. Sometime having a medicine pill box might also be useful too as well. One thing you want to make sure you do is maintain your healthy routines before/during an emergency to prevent any illness as much as possible.

Swiss Army knife

Having one of these handy will be helpful when you need to cut or clip some things. Instead of having a big scissor or knife, its smaller but handy to use in different situations. It’s compact and small so it can easily fit for packing purposes.

Important Documents or a Safe

Although it may not seem like the most important thing during an emergency, having your documents together can be useful and helpful. Whether it be bank statements or passports, having it in a small safe or is important too.

Do you any other items that you would add to my list of 10 important items for a home emergency kit? Leave your suggestions on the comments so that we can all share each other’s ideas. You can also check out my article on covid essential items that you can add to the emergency kit as well.

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