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Even mom’s want to get a dolled up! Am I right or am I right? Yes it’s very hard to get your face done when you spend all day with kids in the house, but I’ve learned that there is a huge difference in my mood. On days when I do get dolled up versus when I don’t.

I’m not a huge make-up person and half of the way I put make-up on is probably the wrong way but that’s okay. I still like to get ready and face the day with a nice look because moms wear make-up too. I’ve compiled the top 10 items that are my goto make-up goodies so check them out! ( I will give you the links to the ones I have)


What is a primer? So I never used to use a primer before hand and didn’t want to put anything extra to add on. But, it’s a life changer. The foundation goes on smoother and spreads on more evenly when you apply a primer before hand. It doesn’t look cakey and gives it a more natural look in my opinion.


I’ve always hated sunblock on my face and that’s probably the reason why I tend to have more dark spots and pigmentation on my phase from not wearing much sunblock on my face. I hated the greasy/thick texture of it. Even if it had spf in foundations/or primers, it wasn’t enough. But after going through so many different combination types, I finally found a motorized with as spf 30+ that I actually feel okay with. It doesn’t give me that overly thick/greasy feeling when I apply it, even when I apply other stuff over it.


So I have a love/hate relationship with a foundation. For some reason, its hard for me to apply the exact amount that I want on my face. It’s always not enough coverage or too much on it. I’m not a fan of applying too much foundation so that my face color changes from the before and after. I want to have the natural look if anything, so I try to apply less as possible and use #3 as my extra coverage.


I never used to use a concealer much either because I thought it gave it another layer on my face that I didn’t need. (Can you tell I don’t like too many layers?) But hello wide awake eyes and face. Moms who wear make-up too will tell you that a concealer is a must. The concealer not only gives you the coverage that you need (especially for those that need the under eye baggage covered) but it also gives you that fresh look on your face, even if you may be exhausted or sleepy.


Doesn’t every girl need some full eyebrows here? AMEN! I need to shade in my eyebrows because they are thin and not full. I shade them in but not the thick lining as many people do. I still like to keep them on a thinner side.


My eyes can’t do without eyeliner. I will always need a black water proof eyeliner. What sucks is that most of the time, the waterproof eyeliners aren’t even waterproof. There’s always some sort of smudge with even a little drop of tears.


I’m a hit or miss with mascara. I will go through a phase where I use a mascara all the time to help entice my lashes, but then also go through a phase skipping that extra step on my eyes.


I like adding a little color to my eyes, but not too much. I love how the Smokey eyes look brings out so much out of a person’s eyes, but not for myself. My eyes just don’t do well with Smokey eyes. Therefore, I like the subtle toned shadows with either beige or a light pink tone. Just enough to show the color but not enough to show a huge difference. At times, I do love the shiny/glittery look as well so I keep several different types of textures as well.


When I was younger, I used to love wearing lipsticks. I made sure I carried one in my purse at all times. But then as I got older, i started not using a lipstick as much and turned towards a lipgloss. Not only do I love the shiny/glamour look to it, but it felt like it gave my lips more moistures and hydration more than a lipstick did (I could be wrong of course).

Brush Sets

I never realized how much of an impact make-up brushes play. I used to just have a brush for my eye shadows only. Everything I used to use either my fingers or sponges. Be sure to invest in a set of brushes can help you work with so many different parts of your face. My brush sets are those fancy expensive ones. I was recommend by someone to get just simple ones and that is what I did.

So you can tell that moms wear make-up too even if it means just staying home with kids.

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  1. I agree. I always feel better with makeup. Recently I learned how important eyebrows are to the look of my face. Lol. Now, if I don’t put on any other makeup, I still do my eyebrows!

    1. I can definitely agree with you. My eyebrows need to be drawn everyday because they’re so light without it.

  2. It’s like a guidance for every woman. .. it’s important for each one of us to take care of ourselves…. for ourselves , our families, our kids

    1. It’s one of the best way to take care of ourselves. Even a simple lipgloss or a lipstick brings out a positive mood for me.

  3. I agree with you that makeup can set the mood for the rest of the day. If I don’t at least have mascara on, my eyes feel tired all day. I feel much more energized and awake if I have make up on. Sounds weird, but it’s true lol.

    1. I agree! I feel so lazy and out of it when I don’t wear make-up. It makes a huge difference

  4. Moms really do enjoy wearing make-up! Thank you for this!

    1. Yes we do! Because we were first women who took care of ourselves before we became moms.

  5. I need a little makeup to feel like I’m ready for the day. Otherwise I feel like I just got out of bed all day. I’m always looking for makeup recommendations so I like that you left the links.

  6. Oh my gosh. Are you me but in five years when I’ve actually figured out how to wear make up??
    I always am so self-conscious and feel like I’m the only woman who has no idea how to do stuff with my face. I always scrub everything off because it feels too cakey. You’ve given me tons to mull over. Thanks for making me feel less alone 🙂

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