Lessons Learned In My First Year Of Blogging

Blogging life lessons
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WOOHOO! I’ve completed my first year of blogging and I couldn’t be more grateful! When I jumped on this journey, I didn’t expect too much. I thought I would share my daily life as a women/mother and along with ideas and tips. But there was so much more to it. Lessons learned in my first year of blogging will be carried on with me forever.

Support From Other Bloggers

One of the biggest gains from blogging was the community of supporters you gain. There are so many bloggers out there in various niches. Building a support system and networking with other bloggers was a great way to gain not only knowledge but friendship as well. You’re able to share your wins and struggles and find support to help one another. Praising through success and sympathizing through the failures is how the support builds.

Consider It Work

Sometimes blogging can be known as a hobby. People like to write their thoughts and create it as a journal. That’s how my blogging journey started as well. With the pandemic starting in 2020, I needed an outlet to share my daily life. Through the challenges and struggles would come uprising moments as well. After year of blogging, its become a work more than just a hobby. I am able to monetize on a monthly basis, and helps me get out of my comfort zone.

Pinterest Is Your Best Friend

Prior to blogging, I never quite understood how pinterest works. Everyone would always say its so easy to just pin what you like. What seemed easy to others was a challenge I never figured out. During my year of blogging, pinterest has become one of my best platforms and best fiends. I’m on there daily, not only to share my blog but also to see what other’s have to share.

Build Your Instagram Profile

Instagram is such a huge platform for everyone, especially for bloggers. It’s such a great way to share your contents. I’ve had a business account for a few years for my online business I had prior to blogging. Not until my blogging life set on, did I take a full effort into my instagram page. Engaging and networking through instagram has been an incredible journey. You build relationships with other people in your niche as well as other niches too.

It Can Be Monetized

Stepping into the blogging life, people are always told that you can make thosudans of dollars. That’s how so many people get into this gig because they see the dollar signs and not the time and effort it takes. When I first started blogging a year ago, there were so many people that wanted me to by their “programs,” or “courses,” as they call it. They would guarantee that you can make hundreds if not thousdans of dollars a month just like they did. But often they fail to share the time and work you hvae to put into it. It’s not an easy job. Its something that takes years of of growth to build.

You Can’t Do It Alone

Blogging jouney is not just about writing only, its about knowing how to drive traffic to your blog. You need to get noticed that people know who you are and what you’re trying to do. Obviously you can pay companies to advertise for you but I’m not about that. The best way is through word of mouth or use the free platforms that are available to you. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, and more are available for you to showcase all your talents. Trying to do it alone would take way too long and might get discouraged by it.

Lessons learned in my first year of blogging is something I would take with me forever. Nothing comes easy and you have to put the work into it get anything out of it. I’m looking forward to the many more years ahead of learning and growth so that I can continue to share my journey here.

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