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There are all types of moms out there and every mom should be praised for everything they do for their families. Moms sacrifice their lives for their kids and families to bring joy and happiness to them.

I am that mom who yells at my kids when they don’t listen for the millionth time and I am okay with it. I will raise my voice loud and clear to let them know that the nice voice has been used already many times. When it doesn’t work, the loud and mean voice has come out. I will ask them nicely, then ask them again in a firm voice, and then the loud yelling tone voice will come out.

I am that mom who will give you the look until you know what I need you to do. I’ve got that mommy stare when you don’t listen and I’m not afraid to use it.

I am that mom, who will most of the time wait to eat after the kids have all eaten first. It allows me to make sure they don’t need seconds or thirds. But sometimes be the first one to eat so that I meet mommy needs first.

I am that mom that will wipe down all the swings and the slides in the playground. Having my children play in a clean and safe environment is a priority. But I can also be that mom that is okay with a little dirt on their hands. Sometimes on their feet as well, which shows they had a fun day.

I am that mom that will allow my kids to watch tv and have some screen time because I do the same. If mommy gets screen time, I think its okay for my children to have some screen time as well.

I am that mom who will take a longer shower when the kids are with daddy so that I get a little break from them. Or it could be because I needed a shower real bad.

I am that mom who will provide for my kids in the best of my knowledge. The best doesn’t always mean buying them everything. It can mean being there for them when they need you meeting their daily needs.

I am that mom who is not afraid to stand up for my kids when someone tries to put them down. If my kids did something wrong, please let me know and I will handle it. (We’ve had some people who tried to scold our kids and I was not having it!) No one has the right to scold my children except for my husband, myself, and our family members.

I am that mom who will get up, dress up, and be ready to tackle on whatever the day brings on. Everyday will not look the same and there may be days where I struggle. But I will keep going because I am that mom!

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