mother using laptop while cute little girl playing on bed at home
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How to find time as a mommy blogger? The simple answer to that is “You Don’t!” Therefore you FIND time to blog. Does that even make sense? Sure it does. If there is no designated time to write, then you find time. You squeeze a little time here and a little time there.

TIme is such an essential tool when it comes to bloggers, especially mom bloggers. Where and when is time ever available for writing? I have to yet to sit down and finish one post at one sitting. It’s not impossible but haven’t mastered that with two kids at home, one home schooling and one wanting mommy’s attention 24/7. Therefore, I have to find my time to write little bits and pieces at a time, even if it means I squeeze in one sentence while they’re eating.

My posts are created and written in all areas. I may come up with an idea for a post while in the car on the way to the market. I will start that post and save it. A thought or an idea might come up right before bed time and i will write as much as I can before I fall asleep. Life as a mom blogger is not something I expected but I fully enjoy. I love writing what I encounter on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It brings my thoughts into life that others might find beneficial.

Blogging life is so much harder than I ever expected. You get writer’s blocks, you have mommy duties, and all the chores throughout the day. There isn’t much of a moment where you can sit down and say “it’s blogging time.” For me, it’s whenever I can. Usually the mornings are the best when the kids are either playing or engaging in school/learning atmosphere. Or at night time when the kids are fast asleep before one wakes up.

This photo is a clear example of mom blogging. Just got out of the shower and had an idea I needed to write down, so I came straight to a device to write it down before I forget. With wet hair and all, I find time whenever I can. And there’s my little one wanting to do what mommy was doing and sat next to me with his “computer.”

So next time you ask how to find time as a mommy blogger, this might give you an idea of how some moms might do it. I’m sure other moms can tackle on the task better than I can, but this is me. I need to go at my own pace and manage the available time as best as I can.

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  1. Completely accurate. I definitely go back and forth with mom guilt, blogger/writer guilt, and wife guilt. There is NEVER a set time. Each day is, what ever works for today.

  2. Agreed! There’s never enough time to get the job done ✅ It’s a never ending loop. I’m not alone 🙂

  3. So accurate and relatable. True – write when you can and as much you can.

    1. enlightenedelisa1

      IsN’t it?

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